MediNova focuses on the development and marketing of innovative ideas, inventions and patents through to a marketable product – national and international


It`s a fact, that …

  • countless inventionspatents and ideas lie idle at production companies, because they lack time and resources to deal with them more intensively.
  • innovations are the key factor for growth of brands in all industries.
  • many brands lack innovative spirit, as the branded consumer goods companies attend insufficiently to the pipeline.

Innovation vs. Invention

Innovation means literally „improvement“ or „reformation“.  In the general linguistic usage this term in it`s non-specific meaning describes new ideas and inventions and their economic implementation.

In a narrower sense innovations only result out of ideas, when they are utilized in new products, services or processes, which then successfully apply in reality and penetrate the market.

The Team

The team of MediNova AG has a long-standing, established and international experience in the field of Consumer Healthcare, especially in Oral Care. The sum of all core competences allows us to cover all aspects of the development chain, from the idea to the shelf.

The Supervisory Board

High value was set on the lineup of the Supervisory Board to get demanding „sparring partner“ and a successful team in total.


MediNova tracks down idle inventions and develops them further towards marketable innovations.

The key element of the range of services is the MediNova Innovation Process, which follows the goal to enhance an invention with an added value and as a result transforms an invention into an innovation.

Eventually MediNova searches for acceptors in the branded consumer goods industry, who take use of those innovations as a catalyst to their brands and therefore generate a higher production capacity utilization on the manufacturers side.

Innovation Process

  • Idea Scouting
    Search for idle ideas in the MediNova Network
  • Feasibility Study
    Technical implementation assessment with the producer
  • Benchmarking
    Market identification and innovation strength comparison
  • Brand it
    Development of a market concept and utilizer search
  • Validation
    Market potential analysis together with the utilizer
  • Implementation
    Production-Conception and -Planning

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MediNova AG
Von-Drais-Straße 45   ·   D-77855 Achern
Tel +49 (0) 7841 629940   ·   Fax +49 (0) 7841 629949