The AG

The legal form AG has been chosen in order to offer our national and international partners a sound base for transparency and open communication.
With the lineup of the advisory board a great focus on the casting of the persons acting has been placed, to have ambitious sparring partners individually and a successful team on the whole.

The Team

The team of MediNova AG has a long-standing, established and international experience in the field of Consumer Healthcare, especially in Oral Care. The sum of all core competences allows us to cover all aspects of the development chain, from the idea to the shelf.

Sales & Finance

Helmut W. Schlieper

  • 7 years General Manager of various companies within the Coronet Group and member of the Coronet Holding Company
  • 23 years of experience in the buildup of international marketing organizations
  • Founder and CEO of Synpart AG
Poduction & Technology

Matthias Georgi

  • 7 years management of the global packaging development at GlaxoSmithKline
  • 21 years of experience in the product-and packaging development of cosmetic-, medicine-, and healthcare products
  • Manager of the center of excellence for the development of toothbrushes of GlaxoSmithKline
Marketing & Communication

Jürgen Reinhardt

  • 6 years General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland at GlaxoSmithKline
  • 23 years of marketing experience with the build up of No. 1 brands (Odol, Dr.Best, Sensodyne, Cetebe, Granufink…)
  • Large network (horizontal and vertical) within the “marketing-world”
Design & Prototyping

Christoph Geiberger

  • Owner of the design agency “DesignBureau, industrial & packaging design” as well as „MRP Modellbau & Rapid Prototyping“
  • 22 years industrial design and brand forming in the consumer goods, medicine and cosmetic industry.
  • Extensive experience in technical conception and construction

Der Aufsichtsrat

Bei der Besetzung des Aufsichtsrates wurde sehr viel Wert auf die Auswahl der handelnden Personen gelegt, um anspruchsvolle Sparringspartner im Einzelnen und ein erfolgreiches Team im Ganzen zu schaffen.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Michael Hamacher

  • Training as a tax clerk. Afterwards study of business administration at the University of Cologne
  • After graduating as a graduate in business, he worked for three years as an auditing / tax consulting assistant for an auditing and tax consulting firm in Bonn
  • Qualification as tax consultant and auditor
  • Since 1997 establishment of a single practice and managing partner of a Bonn tax consulting firm
  • Joined the WEP Rheinische Treuhand GmbH, tax consulting company, as shareholder managing director in 2002
  • Co-partner of WRR West Rhein Revision PartG m.b.B, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and WRR West Rhein Law PartG m.b.B., lawyers / tax consultants
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jochen Pax

  • Dual studies at the financial administration NRW from 1997-2000 with diploma as a financial economist at the FHF Nordkirchen.
  • Tax Consultant Exam 2004 and subsequent admission as tax consultant by the Chamber of Tax Advisors Rheinland.
  • Part-time MBA from 2006-2009 with a Master of Business Administration degree.
  • Managing Partner of WEP Rheinische Treuhand Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH since 2011 and partner of WEP Hamacher & Pax Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft mbB and WEP Krüger & Kollegen Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB.

Wolfgang Reik

  • Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Reik, born in 1949, studied physics at the University of Karlsruhe. After the graduation of Dr.-Ing. at the Institute of Materials Science at the University of Karlsruhe, he started his career at the company LuK in Bühl, an automotive suppliers and specialists in car clutches and driveline solutions.
  • After several initial positions he took over the responsibility of the test line and since 1989 he is member of the Board of the development sector.
  • Since 2004 additional leading responsibility of the Pre-Automotive development of the Schaeffler Group, consisting of the companies  INA, LuK and FAG.

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MediNova AG
Von-Drais-Straße 45   ·   D-77855 Achern
Tel +49 (0) 7841 629940   ·   Fax +49 (0) 7841 629949